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Alappuzha / Alleppey

About Alappuzha

Alappuzha ( Alleppey) is a district in the state of kerala , God's own country, is often addressed figuratively as 'Venice of the East ' is , as a matter of fact, water's own land, by all means . selfless backwaters, coconut lagoons with luxury of Lotus and water Lilies, schools of pearl spot fishes which go bow and scrape , honey moon rhymes of water snakes, twilight full of water birds' wings and fishing nets, duck growers' wherries, enchanting Arabian shore and sunsets and scarlet everywhere……..

Alappuzha Geographical Features

Situates on the Arabian sea and blessed with prosperous fresh water body, Alappuzha has a unique landscape : A destination with no knolls and no jungles. More than 75% of Alappuzha is occupied with backwaters, lagoons , lakes, rivers, canals and ponds. Paddy is cultivated on lands below sea level. These fields lies in "Alappuzha, Kuttanad" which is neither a village nor a district .Most of the land is covered with mud or muddy sand which offer possibility of farming paddy, coconut palms and plantain fruits . pH value of the soil is much above Alleppey7. Alappuzha is a main breeding station for many migrating birds round the year. It serves lullaby for a few species of marine fishes which breed in the back waters of Alleppey .It happens by winter when the salinity of backwaters increases. Aleeppey is a string like land situates between the Arabian sea and the back waters. In a quiet few places the land's breadth is mere 50 mts!

Another genuine phenomena occurs in the Arabian sea only along the shores of Alappuzha is known as 'Chakara' in vernacular language – this phenomena occures only by south west monsoon. By Chakara the coast enjoys calm and quite waters with no waves, opens fabulous opportunity for fishing

Alappuzha geographical location

North latitudes: 90 05 & 90 54, East longitudes: 76 0 17 30" & 76' 0 40

Alleppey at a glance

Cochin international airport, 80 kms
The Arabian sea (0 kms)
Thekady (Periyar wild life sanctuary)125kms
Trivandrum, 155 kms
Kovalam beach, 170kms

Alappuzha Climate

Alappuzha is a land dominated by monsoon. It rains Cats and Dogs in Alleppey quiet often.
June to August : South West Monsoon
September : A short break for Monsoon
October to November : North East m Monsoon
November to January : Mild Winter( almost same as summer)
February to May : Summer
Armature and professional photographers are invited to catch the images of the frantic rain and recitating drizzle.

Alappuzha Beach

Alappuzha Beach

A sandy Arabian coast with the backdrops of coconut palms witnessed the history. It is familiar with the Dutch and the English. An ancient light house which gave rays of hope to marines is fresh enough to welcome you. There is a small park here.'Chakara' is found in Alappuzha beach.

Marari Beach

A silent coconut beach five kilometers from Alappuzha is enjoyable

Alappuzha back waters

Thottappally Beach

Is another beach view where the rivers of Pamba and Achankovil end and become the part of sea water.

Alappuzha Backwaters

Is blessed with luxurious water body which host many species of plants , arthropods, is out standing by all means. The blue horizon and the blue water. Alappuzha 'Kuttanadu', an entirely different landscape is the gift of Alappuzha back waters non- venomous snakes and fresh water eels are found abundantly. A dawn and a dusk of Alappuzha back waters are unforgettable and it provides bread and butter to fisher men, tourist guys and peasants. And endless joy for whom visit this heavenly destination

Alappuzha Boat Races

Alappuzha Boat Races

Many boat races, the Moolam Boat race , the Neeratupuram boat race, the Payipadu boat race, are a few races among the Alappuzha boat races, are conducted in and around Alappuzha ,how ever, The 'Nehru Trophy' for snake boat race is popularly known as the Alappuzha boat race. Another major boat race for snakes boats is 'Arenmula Uthrutadi' amateur snake boat race is near to Alappuzha.

Alappuzha Botanical and zoological treasures

Alappuzha is blessed with abundance of species of Plants, Trees, Insects , Snakes , Fishes, Water Birds , Shells , Molosca , Annelida . A few most dominating species in Alappuzha : Kingdom Plantae: Nelumbo nucifera (lotus) , Nymphaea rubra ( Water lilly) , cocos nucifera(Coconut palm) , oryza sativa (Paddy) , Artocarpus hirsute,Artocarpus indicus( Anjili- used in boat house manufacturing ), mangifera indica (Mango tree), Bacopa monnieri(Brahmi) , Etroplus Suratensis (Perl spot), Naja naja(Cobra), Rastrelliger neglectus (Mackrel fish ), Atyoida bisulcata (Fresh water prawn),…………………
Special packages are offered for researchers and students!

Alappuzha culture and heritage

Alappuzha culture and heritage

Compromising the wealthy land and water, Alappuzha has a deep culture and heritage, various streams of folk songs and dances , Boat races, festival related to monsoon and many more……. "Sarpakavum kulavum", a special type of eco – system with artocarpus trees ,variety of shurbs and medicinal herbs with necessarily a pond , is a ritualistic manifestation related to devotion to snakes . A beautiful song performed in 'kavu' known as 'Pulluvan pattu' ( Pulluvan - a tribe , pattu – song ) is truely a melencholic strain . Actually a fiddle like musical instrament called 'Pulloor kudam' which follows the song creates the melody.


Kalam Ezhuthu

Is Alappuzha's own stream of fine arts. It is a painting in which only natural colours and cereal flour are used . These paintings which are seen in 'Sarpa Kavu' can be defined as the integral part of the common folk's dedicaton to mother nature .


Is an incredible manifestation of human fancy in which The Literature, The fine arts, considerable amount of man power and legends are met together in such a ratio in order to fetch theatre experience which would last till the man kind survives. Frankly speaking 'Kathakali' is a play which is performed all night. The art had been performed before a huge lamp which lights almost as moon light. We humbly request you to enjoy a full night Kathakali as the art cannot be introduced by words before a stranger to the art.


Ottam Thullal

Is truly an art born in Ambalappuzha in Alappuzha in a temple devoted to Lord Krishna. There is an interesting story behind the origin of this art. The poet 'Kunjan Nambiar' had been a member of the chorus for a traditional art named 'Chakyar koothu' , obviously a ritualitic exercise, happened to sleep in a cold midnight for which he had been harassed severely. It is said that the harassment is behind the motivation for the embodiment of the art. The poetry performed in this art is considered as premium quality satire. Come and enjoy the art!


The blackish resourceful hair of Alleppey women is a thing of beauty. They, spontaneously, thanks the Goddess 'Kali', The Goddess who rules the time. The word 'Kali' also brings a meaning – a dark pretty woman or girl. The traditional art is performed, as if the artist where in a hypnotic, frantic mood however, attempting photography is possible. Try a Photo Session!


Is an art which fancifully presents the body language of a warrior. One of the rarest bleeds of fancy and reality

Ambalappuzha temple
Ambalappuzha temple

Try to visit

Ambalappuzha temple

A temple with luxurious wooden carvings dedicated, to lord Krishna: it would be a destination for an amateur

Krishnapuram palace

In the palace you can explore the genuine architecture of Kerala. No word can bring you pictures of this palace.

CPCRI( Central plantation Corp Research Institute )

It is a reputed institution where nuts and bolts of a coconut palm can be understood.

Miscellaneous data

In and around Alappuzha , a tourist can witness an absolute civilized rustic life which grew beyond your reasons, 'Pakidakali' ,Pookalam'. 'Thiruvathira kali' and many other arts can be seen here. Explore it and explore juice of life.

alappuzha food

Food and Beverages

As Alappuzha posses a plane and unique landscape below sea level the mankind in an around Alappuzha has developed outstanding food habits using substances which are locally available trying the local food engineering in Alappuzha is difficult for it has deep roots beyond words.

Alappuzha Breakfast

Since rice is the major cereal cultivated here, it dominates the menu.
Idiyappam Legend: idi – to punch, to crash, to pulverize etc….

Appam - Bread

We peasants of Alappuzha always believed in the power of water vapor. It cooks nevertheless it does not allow the vital nutrients to release. We serve many fatal vitamins and protein for our guests by means of 'Idiyappam'. Rice is powdered ,knead by warm water then placed into a particular vessel called 'Seva Nazhi'. The cook applies down word force in order to attain the kneaded flour into thin noodles which are to be cooked by the steam. These 'Idiyappam' can be served without curry. We, Boat house Alappuzha appeal you to enjoy the only 'Idiyappam' in this green planets


Can be defined a food for the labour . , ie, having a breakfast with 'Puttu' you can forget about food until the dusk. 'Puttu' , Payar combination is recogonized as the best breakfast served in the world.
Rice flour is mixed with very lesser amount of water and the wet flour is kept in cylinder shaped vessel, the 'Puttu Kutti', which is placed on another vessel, the 'Puttu Kudam', in which water is boiled. The 'Puttu' gets cooked by steam allowing the vitamins to stay back. Version: 'Puttu and Kadala', 'Puttu -Payar –Pappadam' , 'Puttu and Pazham'


Boat house Alappuzha is committed itself to serve its hosts something outstanding . Have Alappuzha boat house Appam which has a strong blood relationship with Alappuzha back water paddy fields floured from genuine 'Kuttanadan' rice. An Alappuzha boat house Appam is unique in its kind . 'We encourage a short study class on preparing the 'Appam'


Rice and black gram are to be kept under water for at least five hours, compromising the ratio 4: 1 the cereals are grinded separately and then kept together to ferment . Next morning you should stir and make use of a 'Kuttanadan' Crockery 'Iddili Kuttakam' to cook your Idilies . Usually Idilli is served with Sambar,a perfect vegetable soup.


In fact, a dosa is a fried Iddili the composition is same. Nevertheless it is served with coconut chutney.

Pazham Kanji

No civilization round the globe had tried such a dish, unbelievable, rustic and f highly nutrias obliviously a surprise food. Rice is cooked in a mud pot with plenty of water. Pieced or crushed onions is kept in it allow the pot to cool down next morning. Pazham kanji is ready serve it with Alappuzha kuttanadan back water curd.
' A 'Kuttanadan' back water mother promotes 'Pazham Kanji' as it faced the test of fire.'

'Aval nanachathu'

A European can surely enjoy the dish, it can be used as breakfast cum dinner, a food for all time. 'To feel just visit meet us Alappuzha'


Rice flour made of fine Alappuzha back water paddy is kneaded and made into bowls steamed are ready to serve.

Ingredients of a kuzhakatta

Premium quality rice flour coconut, cucumin, sweet (optional) , water

Ucha oonu(Lunch)

The traditional lunch of Alappuzha is luxurious in its style, delicious in its taste and highly nutrias. It is available in vegetarian, non vegetarian and with veg and non veg . Alappuzha ucha oonu which is served on green plantain leaves is one of the highly recognized vegitarian dishes round the globe.

Ucha oonu - Nuts and bolts

Roasted Alappuzha backwater rice along with 'sambar', 'kalan', 'Avial', 'Thoran', 'Pachadi', 'Kichadi', 'Olan', Iinchi curry', 'Naranga curry',' Manga curry', ' Upperi', ' Pappadam', 'payasam', 'Pazham'


Sambar is a fntastic vegitable soup.
Incridients : red gram, pottato, snake ground, Drum stick, cucumber, Chilly, Coriander, asafoetida, Curry leaf, ladies finger, Tomato, tamarind, Mustard, Coconut oil, Turmeric, water.


Avial is a complete food which provides, carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals.
Ingredients : Coconut , Cucumber, Snake ground, drum stick, bringal, elephant yam, coconut oil, cucumin, turmeric, green chilly. Water is not an ingredient how ever water in the vegetables gives it juice.


Kalan is like a soup. You can say it a curd, coconut, soup.
Ingredients: Curd, coconut paste, mustard, curry leaf, banana or pineapple, uluva, salt (Potassium chloride)


Actually rasam is a medicinated soup . It is truly a syrap for digest problems.
Ingredients : water, pepper, garlic, asafoetida, kudampuly or tumato, coconut oil, curry leaf , mustard, salt


A thoran is a dried food a Thoran can be made from many different vegitables and leaves and even from it can even fashioned out of eggs. Our ancestors in Alappuzha used to enjoy Thoran of duck's eggs. An Alappuzha cheera thoran , ,ie, a thoran made of Amarathus plant is a highly recogonized by plant by the medical practitioners as well as by the common folk.


A pachadi can be defined as a magic food a little sweet a little salty, with full of protein and iron
Ingredients : Banana or cucumber or pine aple or biter gourd, ladies finger or melon , curd, mustard, cococnut oil.

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