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Alappuzha Backwater Cruise Boats

Alappuzha Backwater Cruise Boats

Alappuzha Backwater Cruise Boats

"Man is an amphibian who lives in two worlds the given and the home made" . When he feels tired by the home made life he, spontaneously, looks for the given one for his genius is cheek and jowl only with the lap of Mother Nature. Alappuzha house boat tourism is exclusively a destination to heal the wounds of the hectic humanity.

We open creative opportunities to cruise many back water villages. One can roam through the deserted bunds of paddy fields where variety of species of plantains under palm shades; a gathering of eternal beauty and you !

Alappuzha house boat tourism mainly targets cruise back water villages, coconut lagoons, rivers and canals. In Alappuzha house boats we serve traditional Alappuzha 'Kuttanadan' foods and drinks- a highly recognized delicious and nutrias menu. One can enjoy back water fishing, swimming and by twilight a comfortable home stay between paddy fields and back waters, and obliviously a candle light dinner with Alappuzha fresh water prawn

Alappuzha canoe boat Besides huge vessels many other options are available for a tourist and they can be :


A canoe is a small boat with a carrying capacity for three men . A canoe is meant to be manually operated not mechanically. Alappuzha boat house has a similar cruise package which is described above (read our page Shikara

Duck growers wherry

An Alleppey duck growers wherry is the smallest boat used in the backwaters of Alappuzha. Only duck growers use it to pastor their ducks. Surprising skill is required to operate such a wherry . It can just accommodate a man.

Possibilities of Alappuzha adventures Canoeing

Duck growers use special type of wherry which is amazing it just carries a man who is a pioneer in managing such boats in the windy Alleppey back waters. These boats are known as 'Kothumbu vallom' ( Kothumbu – the shield which covers the inflorescence of the Coconut palm , Vallom – Boat ). Nobody had introduced a duck grower's adventures race here in the back waters of Alappuzha. For a tourist , however, we got a package truly defined and managed by the masters of Alappuzha 'Kothumbu vallom'.

schedule : Dhakshina (optional)( Dhakshina is a ritualistic exercise performed by keralites when they start studying a new technique, a new language, in short anything strange for them. Betel leaves with a whole betel nut with a small amount of money are given to the instructor / teacher and touch us his feet with hand and pray for his mercy). After one hour training session you can try your adventures canoeing . you can avail this sport only in Alappuzha back waters in this emerald planet. Wonderful, is it not ? .

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