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Alappuzha Boat House

Alappuzha Boat House

ourists. As Kerala has a unique landscape with prosperous fresh water body, your endless mercy the almighty! It is so easy to move bulk cargo through water. To manage efficient heavy cargo moving, in olden days, huge water vessels were introduced which float royally and worth fully, through the waters of Kerala; a land fondled by raindrops. Those vessels were named "Kettuvalloms" or "Kuvuvalloms" are the ancestors of what we call 'houseboat' or boat house, in these days.
Legend: Kettu – Knot, to tie etc ….. Vallom - Boat Kevu - Cargo, goods etc….. Vallom - boat

Boat house engineering

We have seen that a houseboat is, technically, a Kettuvallom.Body of the Kettuvallom is fashioned out of timber from artocarpus wood ( Anjili- vernacular) ( Scientific name : artocarpus indica). The timber is made into sheets of 5-6 cms breadth, then both the ends of these sheets are hold together and fastened with coir, so as to form the shape of a boat . The amazing factor about it is that coir is used to tie these sheets. Coir- Alappuzha own palm fiber is a wonderful substance , it can withstand decaying under water for many years, heavy wooden strips are used as bones of the boat . Once the structure is got fabricated accessories are fitted in order to transform a "Kuvuvallom" into a premium luxury launch exclusively for tourists.

Alappuzha boat house tourism

Aldex Huxley says "Man is an amphibian who lives in two worlds the given and the home made" . When he feels tired by the home made life he, spontaneously, looks for the given one for his genius is cheek and jowl only with the lap of Mother Nature. Alappuzha house boat tourism is exclusively a destination to heal the wounds of the hectic humanity.

We open creative opportunities to cruise many back water villages. One can roam through the deserted bunds of paddy fields where variety of species of plantains under palm shades; a gathering of eternal beauty and you !

Alappuzha house boat tourism mainly targets cruise back water villages, coconut lagoons, rivers and canals. In Alappuzha house boats we serve traditional Alappuzha 'Kuttanadan' foods and drinks- a highly recognized delicious and nutrias menu. One can enjoy back water fishing, swimming and by twilight a comfortable home stay between paddy fields and back waters, and obliviously a candle light dinner with Alappuzha fresh water prawn.

Besides huge vessels many other options are available for a tourist and they can be :

Alappuzha One Bedroom to Ten Bedroom Boat House Pictures

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