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Alappuzha Homestays

Alappuzha Homestay

The Alleppey backwater villages are calm and the villagers leads an eco-friendly life. Most among the villagers are peasants. They usually grow paddy and coconut palms. These Alleppey backwater villages,when night falls, become perfect quite where one can feel a loud silence. These days, many men do not feel darkness. Is it ridiculous to accept the neccecity of darkness? Do we feel real darkness in these modern days? survey and studies show all living beings need light and darkness. Powerful lamps on shopping malls and huge buildings freezes darkness even at nights. Thus the Alleppey backwater and its village is a destination whereyou can relax yourself byall means.

An Alappuzha homestay – a glance

Alappuzha Backwater Homestay

The backwater villages own many kinds of lodging facilities. A home stay in a typical tourist destination may not provide a nostalgic touch. Come to an Alleppey backwater homestay and feel the difference! Coconut palms are such trees which want burning sun. It absorbs a subtancial amount of the solar energy . The temperature in a coconut shades is considerably lesser than out side its shade. With full of coconut palm shades, glades with mango trees offer you a different experience altogther.

In the Alleppey backwater villages you can avail different types of homestays as per your choice. An Alleppey homeystay offers you a close contact with the life style, food, culture and tradition of Alleppey backwater villages. A unique land with water in all directions, its cultivating area lies bolow sea level. The ancestors of the Alleppey backwater

Villagers moved heaven and earth to turn the deep backwater bodies into paddy fields where the farmers pastuared their ducks and various type of boats including Alleppey rice bargers, different types of passengers boats, military boats and a wherry designed and made only for duckgrowers.

The Alleppey backwater villagers always stand on ceremoney with the ecosystem they have a many temples and churches, are seen throughout the Aleppey backwater villages. 'Sarpakavu' – 'Sarpam – The snake god or godess. 'Kavu'- place where trees are seen in groups. Thus it is clear that an Alappuzha 'sarpakavu' is a special eco-system where huge Artocarpus trees, minisops trees , marvelous trees and many other shurbs and herbs live calmly and abundantly. These 'kavu' are dedicated to snake god. It is a concept of worshiping nature and protects it. If you please stick around an Alleppey 'Sarpakulam' it will definitly stand up for and ask you to just keep out of your panic.

Thus Alleppey backwater villages are the perfect place to roam around , staying in a homely atmosphere you can avail different types of homestays which are catagorised as:
a) Heritage Home Stay
b) Common Home Stay
c) Chalet Home Stay
d) Ayurvedic Home Stay

What's an Alappuzha heritage homestay

Alappuzha once enjoyed the business capital of kerala has a rich tradition in architecture and arts. They have developed amazing range of boats and the indegeneous technology of building smaller and huge houses. These homes provides a room temperature of about 18-20 c even by summer. These homes are buit taking into consideration the climate conditons.

Wooden walls are the main features of these type of heritage homestays. And these Alleppey heritage home stays can be availed in the town or in Alleppey backwaters villages, on Alleppey backwater Islands.

An Alappuzha heritage town homestay

Alleppey was a major port in the victorian age. The English had turned Alleppey a major port of those days. It is still a small town fondled by backwaters and the eastern wind of the Arabian sea. Living in an Alleppey town heritage home stay is helpful for those who are interested in Victorian English history. Alleppey is a destination for Jains too. There is an ancient ' Jain mandir ' here in alleppey on the Arabian sea . An Alleppey town home stay can be used for a stay in Alleppey where the town is backwater and backwater is town. The historical light house which showed the Alleppey shore for ships and stands for you, now, when you are in an Alleppey town heritage homestay. The streets which witnessed the captain of masts are here to receive you.Try an Alleppey heritage homestay. You will realise an Alleppey town hme stay is purely designed for an amature of a village . It may come across as ironical that calmness can never be found in a township.

Feel it, no word can give an idea!

What you can get from an Alappuzha village heritage home stay

Building are mere shelters and you can make even a coconut shade a shelter . Living in a village is sometime different than living anywhere else. The famous writer Mr. I.B Singer who had claimed the nobel prize for literature, in many of his stories, emphasised that a village is a source of peace of mind. Staying in an alleppey backwater village would be a unique experience . Homes in Alappuzha backwater villages are classic examples of human fancy. When man started his living he was only a beast. Then on which point he got a home, nobody can answer. Stay in an Alleppey village home stay and you will realise what is a stay meant by. Some times an Alleppey home stay becomes,all of a sudden , a chalet, at the same time it can be a castle. Nevertheless it offers heritage home stay might is not mere a symbol of darkness.

Imagine that you are in an opera hall and fantasy can happen at any time. These is nothing but black dark in rooms. You can hear the laping sound of the river or a lake or a lagoon . Dreams can, some times be true. Langensten Huges told that keep on dreaming if not , you are a broken winged bird that cannot fly. The past was not as busy as present, so such a silence can be seen in an Alleppey backwater village heritage homestay. Being fell among the drumsticks of beetles you would learn the meaning of beauty keep your life in an enchanting track.

Think of an Alappuzha beach homestay

Almost 75% of earth is covered with water. The water of heaven ! we in Alleppey , we have a luxurious beach which can attract a water- de- la=- mare who loves the sands of Arabia. If he had visited Alleppey beach , he would have recitated,

" sweetest are the glades of Alleppey , Where The sea loads all tears"!

Because seas are wide , it can enchant a human mind . see every living being on this earth can feel , neverthless only man can call to mind the feelings, which he had felt .Be in Alleppey in a full O moon night, the Sunday shore , the waves never try a hue and cry, the sweet smell of pepper arrives somewhere from the narrow tunnels of history! Attempt. A cocktail of beauty

Coconut palm is not an alien as artocarpus does. The coconut tree is really a magic one. Once, by the second world war, some where in japan, Doctors were short of Iv fluid. The soldiers were better dead than alive. A doctor as a straw in deep water, ingected filtered tender coconut water directly into the blood of the poor soldiers. Miracle had happened ! The poor soldiers escaped!

Sip tender coconut water on the sandy beaches of Alappuzha . Only a cold fish can avoid such a beauty.

For nuts and bolts of Alleppey homestay. See our page Alleppey backwater homestay and Alappuzha boat house packages.

Alappuzha Ayurvedic homestay

The Indian system of medicine or Ayurveda has won the test of time. probably it is the only medical science which is a specialist for many complicated diseases like jaundice, rheumatism …….

It is based on 'Thridosha' -the 'Vata' 'Pitha' and 'kafa' we are not here to describe the technical aspects of the medical system . The genuine nature of Ayurveda is that its drugs has no side effects at all. The Ayurveda provides us the best medical option for rheumatism a night mare of man. Ayurveda is well known for its ability to rejuvenate a person.

Here in Alleppey we offer you such homestays where you can enjoy the virtues of Ayurveda like 'Panchakarma'. A very peaceful homestay not only refreshes your body but also your mind. The sweet smell of herbs would enslave you in an Alleppey Ayurvedic home stay.

World class atmosphere with smiling faces are the main features of an Alleppey Ayurvedic home stay. So get yourself rejuvenated here. We expect your presence, certainly!

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